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Friday, September 26, 2003

e-book impact on the society and personal learning habit 电子书对社会与个人学习习惯之冲击

几年前,听美国方面预言电子书将会代替以真正的纸作为基础的书,和提倡整个出版行业作出对电子书未来相对的反应。当时,Adobe 公布 Acrobat/ebook Reader 读书软件标准,Microsoft也宣传它的Microsoft Reader读书软件标准.其它开发者也有相对的电子书应用解决方案推出。可能是个人长时间的传统的学习习惯,在最后我个人偏爱使用用html编缉成自我执行(.exe格式)的电子书。虽然简单,但是它可行,也不被行业标准所缚牢。在当时,整个市场仍然大量的使用硬拷贝书当主要的信息,娱乐,参考来源。就个人而言,硬拷贝书的消费是减少了,大量的情报可以从国际互联网免费得到,并且最新的情报。越来越多的时间花费在电脑前面学习,娱乐与社交。

最近,我游国际互联网时发现新的电子书方式在中国方面实行。开发者与国家的库合作,发展超星数字图书馆系统,当前有100,000本电子书可以给予安装阅读软件的读者阅读使用。商业样式是每一个读者登记成会员与付出每年RMB 10元,可以无限的阅读贮存的电子书。我试了,它确实是很好的电子书系统。你可以下载那些电子书,自我创作与其它的会员分享。系统提供的工具确实授权使用者。我预料在未来,这个商业模式是可行的。成为业界标准只是时间问题。


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Few year before, hear about from US on the future trend of ebook replacement of hard copy book, and call for the entire publishing industry to react on the future trend of ebook. And at the time, Adobe come out with it Adobe Acobat/ebook platform, and Micorost also market its Microsoft reader platform. No to mention others also come out with its own plantform and specific industry application for the ebook. Maybe because of personal long tie with traditional hard copy of learning, in the end of it, I personal prefer ebook compile from existing html to become self execute .exe file ebook. It is simple, and no tie to each industry ebook standard, but it work. But at the time, the whole market is still heavy usage of the hardcopy book as main source for the information consumption for inform, entertain or reference. Personally over the year my book consumption is reduce, alot of information can be get from the internet free, and even more up-to-date. And more and more time spend over the computer to learning, entertain or socialising.

Recently, I surf the Internet and find out the new way of "ebook", and it is implement at the China. The company and the national libraries work out the Super Star Reader library system, and at the moment have about 100,000 books in the e-format able to be read among those who install the reader. And the business model is for each reader must register as a member, and paid for RMB 10 a year, you can unlimited access to the 100,000 books in the particular format. I try it, and it is really work and it is really a good ebook system. You can download those book, self authoring and share among the members as well. The tools provide is good and empower those who use the systems. I foresee in the future, this business model will be work. It is a matter of time for it to become a standard.

It is the fact for us that ebook do have a cost effective factor over hardcopy books. First it is duplicated in almost zero cost from the original book, and can reach as much readers as possible on demand, and it is save in the digital space, and have quick search function for the text your want. With the current trend of the world more tie-up with the Internet, utilize internet as infrastructure to spread and delivery the ebook become a trends. What as normal users really worry is how to preserve the book accumulate (backup) and really spend the limited time for digest over supply ebook in the market.

Each ebook producer try to market their own version of ebook with respective security, and I do foresee in the future only one standard format is avaliable for all the users to use. And from the ebook, we do see the really coming of the electronically based information-society is arrival, and we do need to will prepare and know how to utilize it to overcome current and traditional way of hardcopy books shortcoming.

Off course, if current publishing and book distribute and retailing industry no really react to the new trends, it is just a matter of time for them to be vandish. And under the new digital economy, who control the content distribution channel have the power to capture new digital economy wealth, it is also no wonder for a lot of company try to be "gateway" for information users connect to the Internet.

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