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Friday, October 31, 2003

my personal DIY made goban 自制棋盘


With the using of this blog, I now more flexible to upload the content freely direct into Internet. Just need to write and maybe with the graphic, and that's all - no need to worry about the page layout and other matters. It really do save me time.

So I upload a photo of my 1st self-made goban. It is standard size goban, using plywood with 1" thick. Total tall is 10" (8" thick of the goban + 2" tall of the 4 legs). The design is according to the japanese expensive model. Since in my country no assessible for this kind of goban, so I self made one. Everytime when I use it to play weiqi /igo or play back the records, I feel excite, since it need to sit at the floor, just like japanese Pro play. The feel is just great. And the totol cost is about RM200 (or USD52), I think it is no a bad deal.

In local market, I can only accessible for one weiqi set (come with the folderable thick-paper goban), which for me is a bit of un-happy for it. So, it become my motivation to make one with the hope of able to study weiqi (igo) more seriously - with the supprot of real wood goban with wood sound for each move. So, I built it two month ago, and the natural wood print in the goban front is really beauty - I like it.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Focus on systematic way of learning weiqi


Review back, I play weiqi is almost for 2 month already. For intend to master the skill, i think I need to re-focus my energy on a theme base approach. For example, instead of study all kind of the fuseki game opening, it is better for me just focus on study 2 type of fuseki opening. One for black, one for white play. It is much more efficient on the time spend in this way. And then focus on all the kind of problems when facing using this kind of opening, and solved it.

Learning life-and-death thru my own games, and really learn by heart to solved them. And learn joseki one step at a time should be enough. For the huge volume of sgf pro games records downloaded, should organise into proper way, then can be use with the joseki and fuseki analysis purpose - to reap a meaningful result from the raw data.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Today surf the Internet come across a very good website on weiqi content, it is unique and content rich. Especially like it site sources of reference, all the ancient chinese weiqi literature. It is really give me a flash look, as provide those ancient resources for future advance learning, as well as for the understaning of a lot of how the ancient people records the games, and some important weiqi literature. A great site seldom link with others. URL : http://go.yenching.edu.hk/ (Weiqi Society)

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Afternoon, I get exposure to the new internet groupware concept of wiki, it is really helpful for the organisation way of work, maybe I need to spend some time on it and learn how to use for the "teamwork" kind of work.

For personal website, I need to author and post article or group article in the theme. So more able to share the "mook" margazine+book style of feeling. Images plus easy reading content is what I looking for.

Ancient and modern writing of Weiqi and Igo

2003-10-28 Morning

In response to the rec.games.go, i intend to publish the ancient and modern writing of weiqi and Igo here. Please see the graphic post, I already make comment direct in the gif form. The real different is on the ancient "stone" element and modern "wood" element as square with the red line. Personally I think character do change as time pass by. Ancient weiqi is play on the stone table or above of big rock/stone board. Now is play on the wood table or board ^_^;

Monday, October 27, 2003

My child is 32 week and grow healthy


Today go with my wife for the medical check-up in the hospital, and ensure by the Doctor my up coming child is 32 week already and is healthy. When see thru the scanning, and see the child in my wife body, see his heart moving, I have the amazing feeling. This is my 1st child, I really upcoming to become a father. It is a very warm feeling. And also have a feel for having responsibility to give the upcoming child a good environment for growth. 2 more month, I will be a father, I still excite by the feeling. This is why I jot the feeling down for future reference. ^_^;

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Redesign the "website look" and integrate blog as sub page within the website


Plan changed. After spend some time to re-think for using blog for the weiqi, i plan to develop website for it and integrated into my personal website. It is more make sense, and more flexible to change the layout and integrated the graphic into the website as well. And so I use the blog as well to express personal thinking on all the matters related to personal website developement.

After last night my wife comment on the front page of homepage is no so attractive, I intend to redesign entire site for better GUI, and consistent across entire website. And intend to make plan for backup website data on the future. I do build few things of the website, and yet all get "hanging" as can not feed in enough up-to-date data, and the website coverage scope too wide, and no have enough time for the update. So this time be smart, focus on just manageable scope of content I able to update frequently. And do not duplicated internet resources from others website, be value added, if not it is really time wasted activities, better invest others place.

Plan forward for mook stlye content (margazine + book) style, actually a look for things can be write, just depend on how I approach the topic and theme in the special angle.



Just convert existing website design into another look also take a lot of time, no wonder now is the trend of data-driven technology, especially you got a lot of data want to be share. Basically my website is draftly up, the structure is up and just need to step by step write the content into respective section on the website. I hope high this time it may work ^_^; ... and after few try-and-error session, the blog and website is become one, looking forward how it may save my time.

Friday, October 24, 2003


I know about Blog few years ago, but I never have motivation to start my own blog as a way to express my thinking - until I have chance to see some really cool blog-based website. So I intend to use it as a way to jot down my thinking, just like diary.

I intend to use this blog for the theme on 围棋 (weiqi in Chinese)、囲碁 (Igo in Japanese) or Baduk (in Korea). And all the discussion matter is related to study of weiqi, this is why I group and name the project "棋圣道" (qi sheng dao in Chinese, Kiseido in Japanese) - or translate into English - the way to weiqi mastery. ^_^;