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Saturday, November 29, 2003

2003-11-29 Saturday

Morning, I well to KLCC Japanese book store intend to order few set of weiqi book. And quite surprise, the store have it in the bookcase. So, I quickly take it and have a broswe on the content, and yes, the book I want to complete my full set of the series of 10 books. With the 4 new books I buy, I complete the book from the Japan Go Association Classic text book on the subject. I very happy with it, from now on, really just need to focus on digest and apply the concepts and convert into my experience. With the help of Pro database, I can even review my game more productive. Good day for me. 日本棋院辞典系列:布局辞典上下、定式辞典上下、死活辞典上下、置棋辞典上下、手筋辞典上下 I have them all already. If on future I really need to expand this series, I would add two more from other publisher 官子辞典、劫争辞典.

Friday, November 28, 2003

2003-11-28 Friday

Look quite a long time without using the blog for jot personal feeling, since I using the normal notepad to jot daily feeling down, and then import into full power word processor to create a really powerful diary book with table of content and index search and auto numbering. So, I no really update blog as frequent as before. Because some matter need to reserve for personal only, no for shared - so it make sense.

Within this few day, I just organise my own qipu (weiqi game records) and find out that I almost reach 100 games already. I should really take time review and pinpoint my major mistake I make over the previous game, so can learned from the past, and improve on the future game. And for firmed on using the database pattern search function to look for the different from my play and from the Pro, and learn from it.

I also find out from the Internet have a upcoming powerful and useful sgf organiser is in progress (open source), and I think the function is really cool, and meet my need to organiser large volume of the game. If I using Pocket PC, I think I will download the Go Album to use, it graphic is really cool. And the 3D goban is start become a trend.

I thinking of changing the web content back into normal html instead of pdf, because downloading speed is faster, and more consistent. And the hyperlink function is good to link different section together, or even with the Internet resources. And it able to use a lot of plug in and scripts to extend standard html web pages.

During study of the weiqi, I findout the normal use of the key terms that no really match. For instant: fuseki, initial disposition of stones or game opening, most chinese refer to as 布局, japanese refer to as 布石, I think the proper chinese grammer should refer to as 布子 to be specific. Joseki, model established move sequences - chinese 定式 japanese 定石, which I think the term of 定子 is more proper. Because modern game no really make using the stone, it can be plastic or others material for the game piece. So 棋子 [game piece] is more proper. So using the 子 replace 石 make logical sense. And handicap game, chinese 授子棋 japanese 置棋 should term 置子 for proper consistent as well. I even see some weiqi textbook translate from japanese maintain of the japanese kanji, which I personally think should really tranlsate in full. In chinese, 布局 is better than 布石, but I still thinking of the translation to chinese content should be 布子. So, 布子,定子,官子, (japanese yose -end game) become consisent. I think this is how the culture work, once the wrong think is highly supported, then it become the right things, even you know it is no right. But since whole society already support the ideas, no one want to change, this is how society at work.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Weiqi Mastery

Yesterday Japanese senior player at KGS’s Dream room share with me regarding the research on joseki, fuseki, yose, middle games, life and death, tesuji, invading and reduction [棋道研究] all is really smart advise. And need to have aggressive spirit for want to win [胜负心]is really something no hear before and is important tips for Weiqi skill advancement. More reading, understanding, and really digest and internalize the learning [学习、复习、知识内在化] supplement with the hand-on real experience gain thru the battle [实战经验、复盘] is no doubt also part of the picture. Replay Pro players game to have better feel on right move also important [打谱学习职业棋手的感觉].

Monday, November 17, 2003

Today morning, notice that Go-Assistant is release 8.0, I quickly download and have a test drive on it. Since it mention new feature of the fuseki search the weiqi record database user kept. And I try up, personally feel that Kombilo is better in perform this function, since it can even perform fuseki/joseki/pattern search. It is really powerful.

Anywhere, the Go-Assistant is really improve as it this time able to record 100% sgf standard files, and some minor improve on others area. If weiqi player is new to the field, and looking for all in record editor, this is the good software, especially like it functionality on create lable for each variation. And use it to create diagram for authoring weiqi article.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Knowing enough is enough

Two day before read a book and discuss regard the idea on the human nature on acting on "enough is enough". We alway say when we reach x (target) then should be enough, which the true fact turn out to be human kind have no such things as knowing enough is
enough, we are keep wanting more once we reach the target we set. This is why rich people are the one that looking for bigger house, car, property and geting more money.... We are just can't back our say on "knowing enough is enough". Maybe those less rich and have limited resources better in exercise the "resource management" as I term it.

I personally get trap in this matter also. As I just learn and fall in love with the weiqi, I really go and search for the books for advance my skill on the subject, ... and along the way I keep collecting books and right now I have 50 books in my inventory (less than six months period), I finally realise I get lost in the trap of overload with the information, and tendecy for "want" to get "more", which really conflict with my initial thinking of having "enough is enough". As the author said, if we can channel the resources to do something more meaningful in other area of life would be more productive. Human is easy to talk the ideal rather than really take action, and I decide to overcome my own demon. For the matter, I decide to think and have a plan for myself, how to utilise the "resources" I have so far, focus on divide the entire field of study one part at a time. And no more buying, it is time to really know how to "get most out from existing resources". Focus on mastery - section by section or theme by theme (subject to write out own study plan fit my own need).

I think the habit of collecting books is "learned" since my college study years, I alway like to collect books, even just have few chapter I interest for future reading. Most of the book I buy all end up just store in my book room (yes, my book now need to have delegate room just to store them). As time past by my motivation is change, some books I just read few chapter and end up store in the book room.

Maybe time is really an important factor to change our mind how we think, right now I more able to see my weakness and take it as a learning opportunity, and aware of the need for change for the better self by imporve on the weakness. I think, life is all about self mastery along the entire life. We need to compare our self (past and present) and judge our progress for life mastery (i think it is very objective criteria to compare with).

Monday, November 10, 2003


Today I start to using the formal way to start write-up article using the word processor, and then save as pdf, then post to my personal website. Through continue posting using this way, on the future, I can even archive multiple-post using the standard "book binding" approach. And pdf format do have better feel and "consistent" to print-ability.

Sunday, November 09, 2003


Today with my wife go to shop upcoming baby neccesity. And then finding time to finished off the japanese drama. Plan to write the review on it during upcoming week, as Japanese drama is really good in the story or content, and it is mostly up to 12 series only. So, easy to digest as well.

Saturday, November 08, 2003


Today with my wife go to the book fair with the high expectation able to get some weiqi books, and I able to source atleast five book on it (after 2 hours of finding). I feel atleast worth the trip.

I now realise that in Malaysia weiqi is no really popular games, so most of the book reseller do not willing to bring in the book on the subject. So maybe order with the reputable book reseller is the only way to ensure get the books I want, even pay slight expensive - as tried before. I think from now on need to spend time on "internalise" experience and able to "use" the knowledge gain into the practice.

And I intend to start up professional section on my website on the marketing and HRM subjects. And the family section on travel memorys. What really need now is discovery a good theme to organise topic into more presentable series of article linked.

Friday, November 07, 2003


After reading a book, if intend to use it for life long, need to make personal "index" and "table of contents" on it. Even a mindmap to sum up the key points in visual form to serve as memory trigger. Plan to start to learn in this new way.

Thursday, November 06, 2003


Today surf and finding out more detail regard the Microsoft latest offering on 2003 series, and do notice that Japanese version is really better as they do value added in develop unique office homestyle+ to utilise all the office, I checked out the detail of it, it is really "smart" in Japanese - knowing to create new value for people who expect it. It really offer lot of new functionality to be intergrate with the work or home life.

Reference URL : http://www.microsoft.com/japan/office/homestyle/prodinfo/default.mspx (in Japanese)

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

9:07 PM 11/5/2003

Thinking of authoring with the framework in mind, begind with the end in mind. Write framework and divide the structure first. And write using the powerpoint graphic and word document management functionality, save as pdf ebook. This is the lesson I really learned, it is no about latest software provide all the solution, the end solution is still depend on self implementation. It is still the human brain work that is count. Existing kind of the software is suitable to solve all the need, just need to pull them all for own need. Graphics using the vector-based application and bitmap-based application.

By deploy the divide and conquer way, many project may be accomplished step by step.

1st hand-on test run on the Microsoft 2003 series


Our company get the lastest posted from the Microsoft on the 2003 software series, and today I installed them and update my work pc into Microsoft 2003 series which include Microsoft Office Pro 2003, Publisher 2003, FrontPage 2003, Project Pro 2003 and Visio 2003 with the high hope Microsoft can surprise me this time.

After installed and test run I make following impression on the lastest Microsoft offers. All the software is just minor update from the previous one - except the Outlook2003 is really better this time. I think every long time customers may get the same feeling as well. The layout is the best on the Outlook series. The information is sorting into more useful way, and this time come with the junk mail filter like the one use with the hotmail. I really impress on the Outlook layout, even through beside this nothing worth to mention. Personally I think that if your have one tablet pc, this is better choice that previous Microsoft offer, it support tablet pc input and supported for the XML. But for the keep changing field on the IT offering, I do not think this is package existing customer will feel happy with, especially for the upgrading one, is it worth the price? only customers may decide. For me alone, I just impression on the outlook interface, since most of the feature is still the same, personally feel lack of some "excite" on this offer. I think Microsoft is fall into conservative and intend to "milk extra cash" from highly market established Microsoft series. And the primary targeting market is on corporate segments, too obvious. I advised save the money for the upgrade or better use elsewhere. ^_^;

Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Today spend the night to watch a japan drama with my wife and then have personal silent time for the reading on the new book I buy on last weekend regard the leadership. I finished for the one module on the perspective on the leadership. This is the best book I buy on the subject on the leadership. Recently I do notice my reading and comprehension skill improved, especially on the abstract idea and concept "digestion" or as aging effect - the mental thinking process is change. Maybe it is side benefit for the weiqi study? who know ^_^; as long as it is good, I happy with it.

If have time plan toward authoring back what being learned into writing, I think it is also a true test of being really mastery the subject.

Monday, November 03, 2003


Today I thinking off after have about 20,000 weiqi records should be enough for database, and from now on I will update the database by monthly basis, using the monthly pack approach, so it is easy for me just keep update whole month games into one pack. From now on no more focus on pro players, and focus on get the monthly games publish on the website sort by day. It is make sense for me, and I can focus more time on analysis and really apply the insight.

Sunday, November 02, 2003


With the most of the weekend time spend on the reading and "organise" weiqi records set, I able to process and have 20,000 games records inclusive of both ancient and pro players games. It is quite functional and useful to use with the game analysis system for me quickly search for the fuseki and joseki patterns.

I also spend today day time with my wife to shopping arround, and buy some book for reading. And I finished the 1st chapter reading on the evolution psyhology (EP) book application to business. It is quite a useful book, open my mind to have another fresh perspective on the application of it to the human interaction.

Saturday, November 01, 2003


Today spend time to study 1 pro games play among Kato Masao and Rin Kaiho, as usual Kato's chinese opening, and Rin's against with the star-sansan mix opening. I now realise now I'm able to read Pro game play, and know how they read the situation, I think I start to familiar with the weiqi move and "weiqi language" already. And I make remark and my own interpretation on the game play, and I study half of it using my goban. I find that it is better for me to study the game and able to see the whole situation, and able to appreication each moves using real goban.

Today also spend my time on study chinese opening, which it is intend to use by black, as moya framework oriented opening.