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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

weiqi books purchase during last Sunday

Last Sunday drop by to bookshop and purchase few books which is quite useful for weiqi subject. Initial motivation is to buy the "Middle-game" on the monthly course series, as it do cover the subject very different then traditional book. Since I saw other book in the series, so I purchase them together (joseki, tesuji, yose). And I buy another book by Jiang regard whole board stone disposition and the adequate move, as this subject seldom treat in the whole book as well.

my first weiqi set

March 30, 2004 Tuesday

This is my first weiqi set I purchased (forgot exact year), right now I still heavy use of it, as it is very handy. Can bring with me to any location. The bowl is me added to complete the set. I think this kind of "starter set" is the most useful for beginner to own and heavy use for their quest to weiqi mastery.

Monday, March 29, 2004

kifu applet

I'm alway looking for the better way to illustrate weiqi move sequence in the html web page. Beside save them as standard graphic format (gif,jpeg,png), the upcoming Japanese style kifu applet will be trend to look for. It have the advantage of provide interactive move by move sequence, and able to make commentary move by move. For this purpose it is strong enough to be standard for kifu demonstration purpose.

Applet like Japanese kifushow or stoneleaf all is good. And I think it take sometime for western developer to provide english version of this kind of applet program.

My personal concern right now: all the applet must refer back to the hosted server for the applet, i just worry if invest all the effort to convert kifu demonstration in that particular kifu applet, and someday it never exist then i will have big problem. So, I think it will be useful for developer develop applet just needed to store at user website, no needed refer to external link.

achieve 44,000 professional kifu collection

March 29, 2004 Monday

As up to last Friday, after consolidate all my kifu into centralize estone kifu database, I hit the high of 44,000 kifu within the database, compare with gogod 32,200 I have about 12,000 more. The figure is impressive for myself, and it also mean the "collection" effort must be stop. Knowing enough is enough, and should changing focus toward study on the professional kifu within the database. It is time to "use" the pro kifu database.

Last week, the first time I really take heart to study the professional game in my database, and make my comment and learning note direct into the game inside the kifu database. The learing base on this approach is really surprise me in term of I improve my understand and recall the pro moves in the games.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Most Complete Weiqi Reference Suite

March 24, 2004 Wednessday

Nihon-Kiin published basic dictionary series is the best reference book I never seen (10 book volume, about 10,000 pages). It is mainly use for reference, and no as entry-level text. As previous blog mention, it conver fuseki (Rin Kaiho), joseki (Ishida Yoshio), tesuji (Fujisawa Shuko), handicap go (Otake Hideo), life-and-death (Cho Chukun). Me own the licensed chinese edition.

Two great life-and-death classic book

March 24, 2004 Wednessday

Even this two life-and-death book can accquire the digital sgf version on the Internet. I still find it is great book worth to invest. Anyhow, the ultimate purpose for study tsumego is to learn the best sequence for both side, and know the life-and-death shape.

This two book are Chinese [Guan Zi Pu] Go-Seigen commentary, Japanese [Fa Yang Lun] Hashimoto Utaro commentary.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Kombilo 0.5k for Asian text support & mass export

March 23, 2004 Tuesday

I quite a long time no update my blog, as I more heavy usage of book based diary for jot my feeling. Right now is yet another book accomplished, which is my unique life experience in my own writing.

Recently when got time will spend sometime in organize the 40,000 over kifu in hand. The decision is needed to make either chinese or english, so for the search can finding out relevant data fast. The update version of the kombilo 0.5k is really cool, support chinese can perform chinese text search. Even right now forward I plan to migrate entire kifu database into standardize english. All the kifu under yyyy-mm-ddx format, so it is unique and able to mass export kifu for further study or so on.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Accquired of my dream weiqi set

March 1, 2004 Monday

Finally I got my dream weiqi set during last week. Japanese style weiqi set I mix myself for the best part I can find: 2" thick table goban, pair of wood box, and 10mm thick game piece. I think as a hard fan for the weiqi mastery, accquire a dream weiqi set is share common by others as well. :)