Amateur Weiqi's Journal

Hi, I kklim from Malaysia. Here my blog on amateur weiqi player.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Mystery's weiqi or life?

The more I study, the more I realise journey to weiqi mastery is really journey to life mastery. By study weiqi make myself aware of each of my move. Review after the games I learned more and more about myself. For instance, how I do not react in B way, why I choose to play C move not E move? a lot of myopia during the games just reveal themselve even without needed the help of the more senior weiqi player.

During last Sunday manage to have about 45 minutes of recreation time to study star joseki on the 3 space clamp react to the keima move. I like the style and it fit in my opening prefer. After study it a while, I find it very suitable for me.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Long absence in update weiqi blog

I really have a long absence in update my blog on the weiqi section. My time spend on the weiqi is significantly reduce for just about 2 hours a week. Now I just maintain to play DGS turn-based weiqi. I really reach the stage need to manage time.

As you may notice, I change whole website content to be drive by blog. The weiqi content will be integrated into this page as a whole section regard weiqi from now on.