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Hi, I kklim from Malaysia. Here my blog on amateur weiqi player.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Malaysia weiqi website

I just visit weiqi website by Malaysian ( Finally have someone who hosts the website for Malaysian community who interest in the weiqi. I personally think it is good start. From there can use as centre for all the Malaysia talk and social regard the weiqi matter.

They have a event this month have a friendly match and visit from China, look forward it to growth or expand to become better website eventfully.

I'm back in continue my weiqi blog

From the past few month I really busy, even I do manage to read weiqi book at night, but I really can't access to the Internet to write my blog.

I accumulate more books as time pass by, some I order from overseas (the mail charge is really expensive). For the weiqi e-book portion, I can conservative quote about 500 books alone. Physical books close to 100.

Few day back have 2 games with my younger brother. 1st game I play black and lost 4.5 point, and then 2nd game I play white won for 45.5 point. I really lost in touch on play the game over the real board for long. I really need to re-alignment my time investment. The weiqi kifu project needs to finish off fast, so I can fully focus on other matter.