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Friday, September 09, 2005

Occupational safety and health (OSH)

Occupational safety and health in the office

- To understand that safety and health is an important component of the office environment
- To identify factors that can lead to safety and health issues in an office environment
- To understand that building related illnesses contribute to medical absenteeism
- To understand the health effects associated with visual display units (computers) and ways to minimize these ill effects
- To learn simple techniques that will minimize back related injuries at the workplace
- To recognize the health effects of stress at the workplace and to understand the benefits of an employee assistance program

- OSHA 1994, application of the Act – industries in the first schedule
- Duties of the employers – sect 15 general duties of employers, sect 16 duty to formulate safety & health policy
- Duties of the employees – sect 24 general duties of the employees, sect 25 duty not to interfere with or misuse things provided

Office environment and health
- lighting 0 features of good lighting, problems with lighting, illumination levels at the workplace
- temperature and humidity – body’s response to heat, health issues with low / high humidity
- ventilation – building related illnesses, sick building syndrome
- noise at the workplace – impact of noise at work, impact of noise on health

Health in the office
- stress – work stressors, health effects of stress – employee assistance program
- visual display units (computers) – workstation checklist, keyboard and screen placement, health issues with computers, preventions of ill effects

Safety in the office
- office accidents – preventions of accidents, housekeeping and work equipment, office first aid
- chemicals used in the office – routes of absorption, effects on health
- back injuries in the office – common back injuries, prevention of back injuries

Practical applications, case studies, workshop sessions

Especially for
- safety health managers, executives, supervisors
- SHE committee members, safety officers
- Office / HR managers, executives, supervisors

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

7 Quality control tools

Understanding the 7QC tools and know their use, advantage, disadvantage and applications to continual improvement.

1 flow chart
2 checklist
3 pareto chart
4 cause & effect diagram (fishbone diagram)
5 run chart and histogram
6 scatter diagram
7 control chart

Projected Financial Statement

Yesterday read on how to use the projected financial statement, forward looking tool to help in business plannning. It is really useful to help in plan forward how the business will be, compare with actual financial statement is backward looking. This is why financial statement analysis is very helpful skill to be build. It is where people use to snapshot how well the company is perform.

This is the reason why accounting language is called 'language of business'.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Handbook for the lifetime

Handbook for the life time
Thought of utilize the blog to finish off the lifetime handbook. It will be mainly driven by the task to be done, step by step how to guide type of handbook. It will serve as the reference for the working knowledge and skill references.