Personal diary

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Start of using the digital diary

With the popular of the digital blog, I was thinking of using it as the way for the personal diary, the benefit should be on the able to make my diary anytime, anywhere in the world, as long as having the internet connection.

It will help me to solve one problem, the organized problem to ensure the diary is in logical year and date order, it will automatic sort the data for me, and present it in a presntable way.

World is changed, and use this date as the date of change in my own life, digital diary that is host in the internet.

I was quite sometime without update my own diary, take this opportunity to start all over again, any how it is matter of self-discpline that make it work or fail. I was a bit tired of keep changing from paper based and digital, this should be finalize resolution on the diary matter.