Sansan Joseki Handbook 三三定式手册


This series of handbook is only record joseki, and no include variation, and intend to use for reference purpose. At the market we can get a lot of joseki book, which spend a lot of time explanation in detail for each move, which is quite boring, especially for those already know reason behind each move. This is why I go to collect all kind of resources and make it become joseki handbook easy for reference for the use of weiqi/igo/baduk fans. At the moment 47 type of sansan joseki is included.

p.s. this sgf file is utilize Go-Assistant special labeling and remark functionality to label each variation. If you want to see those special remark, please download the software from the Go-Assistant. Or you can use normal sgf viewer (like multi-go) that capable to display variation branches to view them without labeling (which I think is less friendly since lack the label and indexing functionality to pick the joseki on the spot).

这是只有记载定式- 适合使用于参考定式的系列手册。因为市面上的定式书大都花费大量的空间讲授变化,对于了解变化非常烦长,因此收集大量的资料,编辑成为只有定式和需要方便定式参考棋友使用。到目前为止,大约47类型三三定式受录在内。

备注:这sgf档案利用围棋助手特殊标签与备注功能标记每个变体图。如果你要看到那些备注,请下载它的软件。或者你可以使用标准的sgf显示器(如Multi-Go) 可以显示分支变化来显示,没有特殊备注(个人认为比较缺乏亲和力,因为不能够使用索引选择定式)。

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