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Hi, I kklim from Malaysia. Here my blog on amateur weiqi player.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Go Seigen new book

A bit of regret, as I without bought the weiqi book sport during the bookshop trip. I saw the book, flip over and more or less know about the content, one section is very interesting, it is about the evolution of the weiqi during ancient, use a lot of visual proof to link weiqi to yiyang and yiching stuff. The section is good, but remain of the content is more or less duplicate to those what I have, go seigen history, photo, and his theory on the "harmony".

I just pick time to search limkimkeong and found out a lot of my old website and have some link from overseas on certain article I made during past, now read back it is interesting. From the past I made both chinese and english content, and end out difficult to decide which to keep and which way to follow. Follow the flow should be the approach, just like play weiqi, got to "cut lost or willing to cut lost in section" to gain the overall edge on the entire situation.

If got time, may consider reorganize old content and new old to invent better theme for the blog and website. Website is take more time to maintenance, but look back it is the most unique if can do it in consistent manner. O(- _-)O


Monday, December 31, 2007

re touching my weiqi set

today clean up house and include my book room, which make me retouch of my weiqi sets. I have sit and table weiqi, I handmade and I import from Taiwan. Beside that, have pocket weiqi (magnec) and starter kit. Really I am very long without touching them, even so from time to time have games with my 4 years old kid (sorry, just become 5 years old), I do not involve in serious play thinking.

Have lot of books and ebook in hand, yet to have times for serious on it. From now, become business 9 dan is more important that play weiqi become 9 dan, since I make living from what I service people, not from play weiqi.

Different people play weiqi with different motivation in their mind, for me, it is now like a skill - mental skill set how to plan, execute and combat skill set in mind. It is good game, compare with chess (either chinese or international), it is even more strategic than them in the reason that every stone being equal, just see where you want to put and invest. Very similiar in real life situation, where you invest and spend time and effort determine the choice you have. We ourself create the destiny we have, by our own move one step at a time.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Long absence yet the motive is still there

What a long absence without update my blog on the journey, on and off I play weiqi with my kid (4 years old). Really a lot of fun, especially when he manage to eat some of my stone, he is feel very satisfy on it. When I eat lot of his stone, he stay to complain and protest, what a fun time like that.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Time for life, time for think, time for reflection

Really a long long time without touching my own goban and books collections collected so far, am I lost the passion on this life time engagement using weiqi as tool for think and reflection for myself?

At age of 30, close to 31 if reach my February birthday, my tought and mental thinking do change. More and more responsibility by all the roles, and now think back it is time to touch and regenerate my interest on weiqi art of life. A person how good it is or bad, I think will reflect in his way of play weiqi, any how it is reflect his way of thinking so do his play.

May need to re-touch and re-learn how to play weiqi. Maybe I drop my grade and skill set, practice generate experience and shap the skill set, so need to commit so time to regard the mental skill set on weiqi.

Monday, September 05, 2005

One year absent

Check on the last update time is almost one year time (last update is Sep 2004). I was really busy in my life duties or "blind" by daily life stuff. I was spend too much time on various stuff, work, family and personal.

Hobby like weiqi mastery is lifetime study, should not be abandon, I need to keep it as the skill that shaping my thinking and mental skill. It is good skill to maintain, anyhow it is the mental development tool.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Time re-focus

I really in the stage of really need a good time management plan to help me align my life in a right direction for me, so I able to balance my life according to the main things I want to do. Busy and get in busy is not a good sight, even for weiqi I even can't allocate time for a good play on it. This is really a problem I need to react with it, and it can't be solve by any quick fix solution.

Weiqi books and learning materials wise, I think I really have enough already. I should in the stage of really use those stuff that I have and apply it during my game play.

My kifu database project is reach the end of the finish phase as well. I should gear up to get it done, so I able to focus on using one centre database for all the kifu. Change and edit is also much more easy and faster. Centralise one database is better than multiple database.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Malaysia weiqi website

I just visit weiqi website by Malaysian ( Finally have someone who hosts the website for Malaysian community who interest in the weiqi. I personally think it is good start. From there can use as centre for all the Malaysia talk and social regard the weiqi matter.

They have a event this month have a friendly match and visit from China, look forward it to growth or expand to become better website eventfully.

I'm back in continue my weiqi blog

From the past few month I really busy, even I do manage to read weiqi book at night, but I really can't access to the Internet to write my blog.

I accumulate more books as time pass by, some I order from overseas (the mail charge is really expensive). For the weiqi e-book portion, I can conservative quote about 500 books alone. Physical books close to 100.

Few day back have 2 games with my younger brother. 1st game I play black and lost 4.5 point, and then 2nd game I play white won for 45.5 point. I really lost in touch on play the game over the real board for long. I really need to re-alignment my time investment. The weiqi kifu project needs to finish off fast, so I can fully focus on other matter.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Mystery's weiqi or life?

The more I study, the more I realise journey to weiqi mastery is really journey to life mastery. By study weiqi make myself aware of each of my move. Review after the games I learned more and more about myself. For instance, how I do not react in B way, why I choose to play C move not E move? a lot of myopia during the games just reveal themselve even without needed the help of the more senior weiqi player.

During last Sunday manage to have about 45 minutes of recreation time to study star joseki on the 3 space clamp react to the keima move. I like the style and it fit in my opening prefer. After study it a while, I find it very suitable for me.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Long absence in update weiqi blog

I really have a long absence in update my blog on the weiqi section. My time spend on the weiqi is significantly reduce for just about 2 hours a week. Now I just maintain to play DGS turn-based weiqi. I really reach the stage need to manage time.

As you may notice, I change whole website content to be drive by blog. The weiqi content will be integrated into this page as a whole section regard weiqi from now on.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Go Seigen's Tesuji Dictionary

April 24, 2004 Saturday

Yes! I got my copy of the highly recommended tesuji book by many people already - the Go Seigen's Tesuji Dictionary (3 books). Even I get charge by unreasonable price by the bookshop, I still willing to pay for it. On future I will buy direct via the Internet to avoid the middle man unreasonable charge.

I just go thru the preface, the 1,000 tesuji problems will well serve to the purpose of study tesuji.

Weiqi section labels

April 23, 2004 Friday

Today also take the free time make some photo shot to get some weiqi photo, and use it to create label or section label for upcoming organize website section on the weiqi. It is really very difficult to update the website content without proper manage scope of the content. Hope this will be my last time on the "get organize", and on future just author and fill in the content into respective section.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Koei's Shudan V or what I call "Shodan"

April 23, 2004 Friday

If my memory serve me well, Koei's Shudan V [手谈] is actually build from Chinese Handtalk latest engine. As the Handtalk author previously mention before, old handtalk engine is difficult to have breakthrough performance (2-3kyu ~ 1kyu); this is the reason behind develop the new handtalk engine. And this Koei's Shudan V as advertisement said is tested by Japan Nihon Kiin 9dan professional, and think it have amateur shodan qualification (play in the strongest mode with longest thinking time). This is the reason why I alway refer to it as Shodan [初段] instead of Shudan :)

Even the program is with me for a while already, still no time to really have a round of the game.

As the screen I capture from the program, I play black, and "Shodan" play white. Since I still no really able to free out a quality time to have few round of the game with it, so I can't said it have "Shodan" qualification or not. Japanese is alway have a lot of good computer AI games well package. I play a game with my brother Playstation 2 weiqi program call AI囲碁2003 [English title: AI Igo 2003], license by Many Face of Go. I play the strongest mode, even I just try play and up to the fuseki phase and just begin the middle-game, the program really act like human or play like high kyu player, all the move is fit the weiqi principle.

Sound like after computer AI conquer the western Chess program, it is march toward conquering eastern weiqi. Actually for the weiqi player, it is good news - we can have a good computer AI able to think accurately at speed of light. By matching computer AI, we improve own self as well.

Fujisawa Hideyuki or Shuko books in next move series

April 23, 2004 Friday

Today take the leisure time to go downtown and buying all the Shuko books (total of 10 books) I can find. His next move series is actually a very good book in handle weiqi subject in very difficult to expain subject like middle-game and some strategic issue, as well as the "feeling" portion. Before see the Shuko next move book, first read the problem and then base on the situation, react and explore own own next move first. Force self to really think on the process. And more importantly, it is problem books with question, easy to digest like one question at a time. For a limited leisure avaliable, it is really more practical on study this type of book, or book divide into course series.

From now on, i still lack 1 book on Shuko's Feel Series [秀行的感觉系列]; and 2 book on Shuko's Creation [秀行的创造] to complete my whole suite of Shuko's Next Move Masterpiece [秀行的下一手丛书系列]. Sometime I really think I'am out of line, instead of spend time on digest all the weiqi literature I accquired so far, I still go in collecting process. I now start to realise and no feel wonder why standard amateur 4 dans player have 300 ~ 500 books in his bookcase. And Asian language weiqi literature is more than those published in English.

Now I think back, the book that I really spend time to finish off 1 time completely by heart is Rin Kaiho weiqi beginner introductory book, and spend 1 time to review it. Other book I just random reading for those area I feel interested. After tomorrow I get the Go Seigen Tesuji Dictionary Books, it is really time to stop, until really digest all the books in my hand. And it is time to invest time wisely and make a good study plan to cover area by area, especially on the tesuji and life-and-death area in the limited leisure time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

3,500 standardize kifu is ready

April 21, 2004 Wednessday

I feel like being a long time no update my blog, as right now get busy in the help of 9 kifu collectors in divide out the task of standardize kifu, in the chinese language. And up to yesterday, 3,500 kifu in confirm done (2004-04-20;2003;1995). And the remain balance of 46,500 kifu maybe less will be in progress. Can be expect the project result will be highly value added kifu records standardize in all the information. For me primary will be use it in the kombilo, and plug in multigo as the sgf editor.

Recently I get try on the Koei's Shudan V, a japanese weiqi AI software that license from the Handtalk engine. It feature the Japanese lady voice on each move, quite a good experience on it. I feel like really play the weiqi in the presence of the assistant. I not really play full game on it yet, as I really running out of time recently. I will come back to this and update my blog to cover the personal experience on the Koei's Shudan V.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

weiqi books purchase during last Sunday

Last Sunday drop by to bookshop and purchase few books which is quite useful for weiqi subject. Initial motivation is to buy the "Middle-game" on the monthly course series, as it do cover the subject very different then traditional book. Since I saw other book in the series, so I purchase them together (joseki, tesuji, yose). And I buy another book by Jiang regard whole board stone disposition and the adequate move, as this subject seldom treat in the whole book as well.

my first weiqi set

March 30, 2004 Tuesday

This is my first weiqi set I purchased (forgot exact year), right now I still heavy use of it, as it is very handy. Can bring with me to any location. The bowl is me added to complete the set. I think this kind of "starter set" is the most useful for beginner to own and heavy use for their quest to weiqi mastery.

Monday, March 29, 2004

kifu applet

I'm alway looking for the better way to illustrate weiqi move sequence in the html web page. Beside save them as standard graphic format (gif,jpeg,png), the upcoming Japanese style kifu applet will be trend to look for. It have the advantage of provide interactive move by move sequence, and able to make commentary move by move. For this purpose it is strong enough to be standard for kifu demonstration purpose.

Applet like Japanese kifushow or stoneleaf all is good. And I think it take sometime for western developer to provide english version of this kind of applet program.

My personal concern right now: all the applet must refer back to the hosted server for the applet, i just worry if invest all the effort to convert kifu demonstration in that particular kifu applet, and someday it never exist then i will have big problem. So, I think it will be useful for developer develop applet just needed to store at user website, no needed refer to external link.

achieve 44,000 professional kifu collection

March 29, 2004 Monday

As up to last Friday, after consolidate all my kifu into centralize estone kifu database, I hit the high of 44,000 kifu within the database, compare with gogod 32,200 I have about 12,000 more. The figure is impressive for myself, and it also mean the "collection" effort must be stop. Knowing enough is enough, and should changing focus toward study on the professional kifu within the database. It is time to "use" the pro kifu database.

Last week, the first time I really take heart to study the professional game in my database, and make my comment and learning note direct into the game inside the kifu database. The learing base on this approach is really surprise me in term of I improve my understand and recall the pro moves in the games.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Most Complete Weiqi Reference Suite

March 24, 2004 Wednessday

Nihon-Kiin published basic dictionary series is the best reference book I never seen (10 book volume, about 10,000 pages). It is mainly use for reference, and no as entry-level text. As previous blog mention, it conver fuseki (Rin Kaiho), joseki (Ishida Yoshio), tesuji (Fujisawa Shuko), handicap go (Otake Hideo), life-and-death (Cho Chukun). Me own the licensed chinese edition.

Two great life-and-death classic book

March 24, 2004 Wednessday

Even this two life-and-death book can accquire the digital sgf version on the Internet. I still find it is great book worth to invest. Anyhow, the ultimate purpose for study tsumego is to learn the best sequence for both side, and know the life-and-death shape.

This two book are Chinese [Guan Zi Pu] Go-Seigen commentary, Japanese [Fa Yang Lun] Hashimoto Utaro commentary.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Kombilo 0.5k for Asian text support & mass export

March 23, 2004 Tuesday

I quite a long time no update my blog, as I more heavy usage of book based diary for jot my feeling. Right now is yet another book accomplished, which is my unique life experience in my own writing.

Recently when got time will spend sometime in organize the 40,000 over kifu in hand. The decision is needed to make either chinese or english, so for the search can finding out relevant data fast. The update version of the kombilo 0.5k is really cool, support chinese can perform chinese text search. Even right now forward I plan to migrate entire kifu database into standardize english. All the kifu under yyyy-mm-ddx format, so it is unique and able to mass export kifu for further study or so on.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Accquired of my dream weiqi set

March 1, 2004 Monday

Finally I got my dream weiqi set during last week. Japanese style weiqi set I mix myself for the best part I can find: 2" thick table goban, pair of wood box, and 10mm thick game piece. I think as a hard fan for the weiqi mastery, accquire a dream weiqi set is share common by others as well. :)

Friday, January 16, 2004

Chinese New Year Approaching


Very long absent from writing blog, as I heavy use of notebook base hardcopy diary for jot the feeling down. It is still the best solution for me in term of diary type of writing, can write anytime, anywhere, as long as having book and pen.

Recently having trying and knowing how to setup own dial-up web server. Using dynamic IP and using statis domain for it, and successfuly install mySQL, php, Appache and portal management software, just need some more time to learn how to use it. This is one of plan prepare for me to getting broadband access next year, so can host everything myself. This is also a good opportunity to learn "new things".

For epaper or ebook solution, I more and more find useful of pdf solution. Those content can be rearrange or even combine multiple book into one, and create own bookmark and using a lot of tools for reading. Plan forward to migrate most of the content into this plantform.

Chinese New Year is approaching, it is time for "packing old stuff" and prepare for new upcoming year. So, year 2004 is really coming.

Within the month everyday is visit my 1st child born at 14 Dec 2003 at wife's mother house. My wife right now is stay with her mother during maternity leave period. So a cute child, and increase in the responsibility to the family. I really staging into another phase of life. Demand and challenge is different then previous. It is time for aware or awaken.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

My weiqi's learning solution: Multi-Go + Kombilo + Estone


Since August this year, I keep going to collect a huge volume of qipu/kifu (weiqi game record). And then trying a lot of solution on my part to manage the weiqi qipu overload. After remove out duplicate copy thru centralise into the estone single database, I have 20,000 qipu with me on the Professional play. Which I use with the Kombilo for the study for the move, and pattern searching to see how professional response in certain move.

And now, I finally have settle down the solution I use. After today, I will perform clean up on my qipu collected (end 2003/Dec/31) to enable me have Pro qipu up to 2003/Dec/31 via Multi-go batch processing to ensure the volume of qipu is error free and sgf4 compliant. Then all once again import into the estone single database for edit game information, and sorting according to years or month, or player or by title play. Then export out again according to the year and month folder. Then feed them for the Kombilo and check for the illegal move problem, if yes, try to corrected it or remove the qipu to ensure accurate and qulity of the qipu database. Then, maybe my next move is to make kombilo and all the various weiqi tool runnning inside the cd, so I can run it remotely on all the pc I access-able. Qipu update only on future like quarter or yearly basis. Since Pro database is in place, it is enough for the study of the Pro move and analysis of pattern. Update on yearly basis is just to see the trend on certain joseki change.

World's Greatest Weiqi Player - Go Seigen


Today just think to write a chinese poetry to express my respect on the Mr. Go Seigen. He outstanding performance on the 10 rounds game, and really postone and defeat all the strongest player within thier peak performance period for 30 years. During Go's peak performance period, he play just motivate me and enlight me. Even later he facing accident cause problem in his head (which I'm think affect his mental skill), and till now still researching on the 21st century way of play weiqi. His life is just an outstanding example to be learned from.

Upcoming will have a chinese movie about his story will be show on the chinema - title 《棋圣 吴清源》(translate: Kisei Go Seigen), which I highly expect to have a look to see what different on the movie compare with his real life story. Mr. Go already fly to China and approve the script of the movie during last year.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Today morning surf the Internet and see a personal homepage by Japanese worth to note for ( ). The website author is really present the content in very unique way, and i like the way using java applet to illustrate kifu and the move sequence.

Another weiqi's website worth to note for is Go Masters ( ) have lot of kifu (weiqi game records to download as well). I particular like the website way of present the title match in the table forms. Both of the website give me new ideas on how to present the content better.

Friday, December 12, 2003

2003-12-12 Friday

This week my work pc harddisk failure, cause a lot of data accumulated gone. Hopefully some important data is reserve in hardcopy mean, so take it as "super house keeping" to help me stay clean. As see on the harddisk, it already over 3 years all, and no wonder it is "out of service". And I want to say now day, producer is very high tech and able to produce harddisk in the quality in the proper period "quality within time period", and force user to buy a new one. With this lesson, play to backup home data into remote mean like cd disk to prevent this happen, it is really a pain experience, especially important data is gone without any mean able to recover it.

And now is Year end again, and it is time for life plan workshop again to realign the changing life situation with the life goal again. And it is time to plan ahead for the better future.

I predict my wife will born my first child within this few day or up to one week time, get excite and stress. Because need to re-alignment existing relationship again. And more responsibility is given as life situation is change. Feed and teach child for a meaningful life lesson is no an easy tasks, but I know the life call is on, and need to act upon. Be proactive, build up and manage a happy family life units.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

2003-12-02 Tuesday

I'm now start to use the Kombilo 5 for the pro-games researching, and help me know more on what text book is talk about, and what professional is playing on their own games. During the researching on the pro-games to find out the pattern of the play, really helpful for me to judge which area should be major study area, as % of play on the pattern is high, and study alternative option of play. Highly expect next version of Kombilo is have more functionality to help in researching.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

2003-11-29 Saturday

Morning, I well to KLCC Japanese book store intend to order few set of weiqi book. And quite surprise, the store have it in the bookcase. So, I quickly take it and have a broswe on the content, and yes, the book I want to complete my full set of the series of 10 books. With the 4 new books I buy, I complete the book from the Japan Go Association Classic text book on the subject. I very happy with it, from now on, really just need to focus on digest and apply the concepts and convert into my experience. With the help of Pro database, I can even review my game more productive. Good day for me. 日本棋院辞典系列:布局辞典上下、定式辞典上下、死活辞典上下、置棋辞典上下、手筋辞典上下 I have them all already. If on future I really need to expand this series, I would add two more from other publisher 官子辞典、劫争辞典.

Friday, November 28, 2003

2003-11-28 Friday

Look quite a long time without using the blog for jot personal feeling, since I using the normal notepad to jot daily feeling down, and then import into full power word processor to create a really powerful diary book with table of content and index search and auto numbering. So, I no really update blog as frequent as before. Because some matter need to reserve for personal only, no for shared - so it make sense.

Within this few day, I just organise my own qipu (weiqi game records) and find out that I almost reach 100 games already. I should really take time review and pinpoint my major mistake I make over the previous game, so can learned from the past, and improve on the future game. And for firmed on using the database pattern search function to look for the different from my play and from the Pro, and learn from it.

I also find out from the Internet have a upcoming powerful and useful sgf organiser is in progress (open source), and I think the function is really cool, and meet my need to organiser large volume of the game. If I using Pocket PC, I think I will download the Go Album to use, it graphic is really cool. And the 3D goban is start become a trend.

I thinking of changing the web content back into normal html instead of pdf, because downloading speed is faster, and more consistent. And the hyperlink function is good to link different section together, or even with the Internet resources. And it able to use a lot of plug in and scripts to extend standard html web pages.

During study of the weiqi, I findout the normal use of the key terms that no really match. For instant: fuseki, initial disposition of stones or game opening, most chinese refer to as 布局, japanese refer to as 布石, I think the proper chinese grammer should refer to as 布子 to be specific. Joseki, model established move sequences - chinese 定式 japanese 定石, which I think the term of 定子 is more proper. Because modern game no really make using the stone, it can be plastic or others material for the game piece. So 棋子 [game piece] is more proper. So using the 子 replace 石 make logical sense. And handicap game, chinese 授子棋 japanese 置棋 should term 置子 for proper consistent as well. I even see some weiqi textbook translate from japanese maintain of the japanese kanji, which I personally think should really tranlsate in full. In chinese, 布局 is better than 布石, but I still thinking of the translation to chinese content should be 布子. So, 布子,定子,官子, (japanese yose -end game) become consisent. I think this is how the culture work, once the wrong think is highly supported, then it become the right things, even you know it is no right. But since whole society already support the ideas, no one want to change, this is how society at work.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Weiqi Mastery

Yesterday Japanese senior player at KGS’s Dream room share with me regarding the research on joseki, fuseki, yose, middle games, life and death, tesuji, invading and reduction [棋道研究] all is really smart advise. And need to have aggressive spirit for want to win [胜负心]is really something no hear before and is important tips for Weiqi skill advancement. More reading, understanding, and really digest and internalize the learning [学习、复习、知识内在化] supplement with the hand-on real experience gain thru the battle [实战经验、复盘] is no doubt also part of the picture. Replay Pro players game to have better feel on right move also important [打谱学习职业棋手的感觉].

Monday, November 17, 2003

Today morning, notice that Go-Assistant is release 8.0, I quickly download and have a test drive on it. Since it mention new feature of the fuseki search the weiqi record database user kept. And I try up, personally feel that Kombilo is better in perform this function, since it can even perform fuseki/joseki/pattern search. It is really powerful.

Anywhere, the Go-Assistant is really improve as it this time able to record 100% sgf standard files, and some minor improve on others area. If weiqi player is new to the field, and looking for all in record editor, this is the good software, especially like it functionality on create lable for each variation. And use it to create diagram for authoring weiqi article.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Knowing enough is enough

Two day before read a book and discuss regard the idea on the human nature on acting on "enough is enough". We alway say when we reach x (target) then should be enough, which the true fact turn out to be human kind have no such things as knowing enough is
enough, we are keep wanting more once we reach the target we set. This is why rich people are the one that looking for bigger house, car, property and geting more money.... We are just can't back our say on "knowing enough is enough". Maybe those less rich and have limited resources better in exercise the "resource management" as I term it.

I personally get trap in this matter also. As I just learn and fall in love with the weiqi, I really go and search for the books for advance my skill on the subject, ... and along the way I keep collecting books and right now I have 50 books in my inventory (less than six months period), I finally realise I get lost in the trap of overload with the information, and tendecy for "want" to get "more", which really conflict with my initial thinking of having "enough is enough". As the author said, if we can channel the resources to do something more meaningful in other area of life would be more productive. Human is easy to talk the ideal rather than really take action, and I decide to overcome my own demon. For the matter, I decide to think and have a plan for myself, how to utilise the "resources" I have so far, focus on divide the entire field of study one part at a time. And no more buying, it is time to really know how to "get most out from existing resources". Focus on mastery - section by section or theme by theme (subject to write out own study plan fit my own need).

I think the habit of collecting books is "learned" since my college study years, I alway like to collect books, even just have few chapter I interest for future reading. Most of the book I buy all end up just store in my book room (yes, my book now need to have delegate room just to store them). As time past by my motivation is change, some books I just read few chapter and end up store in the book room.

Maybe time is really an important factor to change our mind how we think, right now I more able to see my weakness and take it as a learning opportunity, and aware of the need for change for the better self by imporve on the weakness. I think, life is all about self mastery along the entire life. We need to compare our self (past and present) and judge our progress for life mastery (i think it is very objective criteria to compare with).

Monday, November 10, 2003


Today I start to using the formal way to start write-up article using the word processor, and then save as pdf, then post to my personal website. Through continue posting using this way, on the future, I can even archive multiple-post using the standard "book binding" approach. And pdf format do have better feel and "consistent" to print-ability.

Sunday, November 09, 2003


Today with my wife go to shop upcoming baby neccesity. And then finding time to finished off the japanese drama. Plan to write the review on it during upcoming week, as Japanese drama is really good in the story or content, and it is mostly up to 12 series only. So, easy to digest as well.

Saturday, November 08, 2003


Today with my wife go to the book fair with the high expectation able to get some weiqi books, and I able to source atleast five book on it (after 2 hours of finding). I feel atleast worth the trip.

I now realise that in Malaysia weiqi is no really popular games, so most of the book reseller do not willing to bring in the book on the subject. So maybe order with the reputable book reseller is the only way to ensure get the books I want, even pay slight expensive - as tried before. I think from now on need to spend time on "internalise" experience and able to "use" the knowledge gain into the practice.

And I intend to start up professional section on my website on the marketing and HRM subjects. And the family section on travel memorys. What really need now is discovery a good theme to organise topic into more presentable series of article linked.